Permit fees for fishing Woodington Lakes:

We are currently operating the site on a permit basis, when you arrive in our car park you will see the green permit hut in front of you.  Please follow the instructions inside the hut and make sure you obtain your permit before commencing fishing.  Cash only, or cheques made payable to “Woodington Lakes”.

We do not currently have credit card facilities – but we hope to in the future.  Give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram to find out when we will have this added facility.

Winter time (October to March):

  • 4 hour, 2 fish catch/kill – £30
  • Full day, 4 fish catch/kill – £50
  • 4 hour, catch and release (limited to 4 fish) – £20
  • Full day, catch and release (limited to 8 fish) – £35
  • River – not currently available    

Summer time (April to September)

  • 4 hour, 2 fish catch/kill – £30
  • Full day, 4 fish catch/kill – £50
  • River  – not currently available

Don’t have your own rod and reel?  No problem.  Give us a call in advance and we can arrange for you to use one of our sets (includes a range of suitable flies to use).  £12 for the duration of your session.

Fish limits:

Please do not abuse the fish limits you are paying for as we want to preserve the quality of our fish and the stocking density so that you, and your fellow anglers, can continue to enjoy your fishing here at Woodington Lakes.  If you are undertaking catch and release please use barbless hooks and make every effort to fully revive the fish before releasing it.  If not, you may be charged for a catch/kill ticket.

River Blackwater permits:

We are not currently offering permits for our stretch of the River Blackwater, the reason being is that Jim is undertaking a huge amount of work to try and restore it and make it fishable  This includes considerable weed clearance, removal of the Himalayan Balsam, in channel weed clearance (ribbon weed) and the general habitat improvement.  We hope that in a season or two we will have encouraged a healthy stock of wild browns, grayling and increasing the numbers of coarse fish.  Watch this space…or follow us on Instagram or Facebook (or both) to see the progress as it unfolds.  Wild brown and grayling numbers are already increasing from the work already undertaken to date.


A complete novice, or looking to improve your general skills?  We are able to offer one to one tuition or for groups.  A general novice session will consist of some basic information, and then a casting lesson with one of our very experienced instructors. They will have you casting in no time, and then will give you some supervision once you have the hang of things.  The lesson will consist of approximately four hours of instruction and practice.  Included in the cost of the ticket is a brace of fish – if you catch them of course ;-).  Any additional fish you catch in the session can either be released (in the winter months) or bought at a reasonable additional cost on the day.

Tuition fees (cash or cheque on the day):

  • Four hour, one to one session for an individual, including two fish (if caught) – £100
  • Four hour, group session (2+) including two fish per person (if caught) – £90 per person

Gift voucher:

Want to buy a session or lesson as a gift?  No problem, just drop Jim an email and we will send you a gift voucher.


Please get in touch if you have a large group that would like to fish with us, e.g. a corporate day, stag or hen party.  We will arrange a tailored day to meet your needs, just drop Jim an email and we will go from there!

SPECIAL NOTE:  Please make sure you have a valid UK rod licence!  You will need a rod fishing licence to fish in our lakes and river stretch.  Please make sure you have a copy available if asked as you can be fined up to £2,500 by the Environment Agency.  Children under 12 will not need a licence, those between 12 and 16 can get one free however, they still need the actual licence.  As a minimum you will need a “Trout, coarse fish and eel licence” which will cover the lakes and river unless you are fishing for sea trout, in which case you will need a “Salmon and sea trout licence.”  You can buy your licence online in a matter of minutes, and they will email you the licence.  Please go to the following website to purchase your licence if you do not already have one: